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  • Lora RF Wireless Arduino Board

    Lora Modules and Features: On board wireless radio SX1278 Lora (315 / 433mhz) or SX1276 Lora (868 / 915mhz) You can purchase alone here. Read more details here. Low power consumption, long transmission distance and low error rate Frequency available for two types: 410MHz~525MHz, 803~930MHz Lead out SX1278 Lora pin IO1, IO2, IO3.

  • จอแสดงผล OLED Display

    OLED ขนาด 0.96 นิ้ว แบบ SPI/I2C น้ำเงิน ; OLED Display SPI/I2C Module 0.96 inch (128×64 pixel Blue ) 7 pin

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